Modern Worries

In almost 14 years since one of the worst atrocities the modern world has ever seen, the world is as unpredictable and dangerous as ever.  The devastating terrorist attack on the World Trade Centres in 2001 catapulted terrorism into the lime light in a way that had never been seen on such scale before, and made us all realise that our world was never going to be the same.

As a proud and prude Brit, it’s often expected that we forget all our worries by sitting down for a jolly nice cup of tea.  Occasionally, yes.  A cuppa and a packet of cookies has seen me through many-a-situation.  But not this.  Terrorism is a terrifying thought in itself.  But this new breed of terrorists are even more so.

As events have demonstrated in the last two days, there is no way to fully predict acts of such horror.  What kind of world have we become, where citizens are killed in their offices, local cafés and public transport?? Is nowhere safe? No, and it never will be again.


It’s very much a “wrong place, wrong time” situation.  Which makes it ten times scarier as it might be me, or you, that is in the next “wrong place, wrong time.”  Unpredictability is the key in what these people do, and not knowing makes the whole world a target.

Since I was 7, the world has been shown in it’s worst, and best light. The worst being the disgusting and inexcusable terrorist events which have impacted on the globe.  And the best being that despite all this, in the aftermarth of such events the world unites in a way that is so beautiful and touching.  We are scared, but we will not let this effect the way in which we live our lives.  Millions of people have died over the last century fighting for causes which have allowed our generations to live in such a free and amazing way, to let this freedom fall would be an insult to all of them.


It’s a horrible thought to think that the world will never be truly peaceful.  But at the end of the day, as long as we all stay united and strong, it will remain to be the society of freedom that we are all so desperately lucky to be a part of.

Well those were heavy thoughts for a Friday…

Cup of tea anyone??


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